Fruita Montessori - A Preschool for the Absorbent Mind
What is Montessori?
By Wendy Calise
Montessori is about the development of the human being to its fullest potential, a human being with an awareness of self in relation to society, not solely in vision and ideal, but rather in how to provide the environment that will actually allow for this potential, encourage it, nurture it, protect it, and honor it. But as we consider Montessori in this day and age we must recognize that her vision for education was complete and deliberate. There were no aspects of the classroom left to chance or included incidentally. We cannot pick and choose and sample from her directives. I like the mixed age group but not extended day. I want the full day just on Mondays and Fridays. I like every thing but the class size: fewer students would be better. I want my child in the primary class for the first two years, but not the third.  Although still grand and exciting, with missing pieces the result is not the same. We are providing an environment for the development, evolution, and growth of the child and therefore the future. With each missing piece, with each compromise, with each accommodation, we sacrifice immeasurable unrealized potential of the child.
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